Communication is always the key

We're in business to help the smaller businesses make the most out of the available communication resources.  Social media is a wonderful place to start, but if you don't have the time to invest into a proper strategic plan, it can turn out to be less than fruitful.

What would happen if you carefully planned all of your communication, branding and advertising?

What might happen if you had a strategic plan?

What might happen if you knew what next months campaign was going to be 12 months in advance?


Think of the possibilities,  then call us.

Social Media Management

If you still think it's a phase and we'll all get over it, we're here to say - it's not.  We've been saying this for over six years now, and the big agencies are finally catching up.

 Facebook alone is the most used website in the world with 60 BILLION profiles worldwide.  That's a massive audience that you're brand, business or product is missing out on.


We are much more than just consultants who tell you what to do, take your money and send you on your merry way.  We literally do it all for you. We write your strategy,  we write your content,  we create your graphics and we even come to your business to take photos for you.  Service and dedication is the key.

We are now also qualified with a Diploma of Social Media Marketing.


Podcast Production 

Have you ever thought about hosting your own podcast?  Perhaps it would be beneficial to your business? Podcasts are the fastest growing form of communication in the 21st century and Australia has now surpassed 1 million different podcasts produced on our shores about a number of different topics.  True Crime, local news, business, sports, education, parenting - the list is endless and there are almost no rules.

Perhaps you have expertise in something that others find really interesting in and would like to share it with the world?  Jade is an award winning audio producer, so we are now able to offer podcast production as one of our services.

You can check out our current podcast production - "The Vale Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts

Working with Laptop
Content creation

Wouldn't it be nice if your social media and digital content got more engagement than your competitors, simply because it was more engaging.  It was well produced.  Clean.  Easy to engage with and professional.  Getting your customers to spend time with your brand is how you sell more product, and that is our main aim.  To get your content to work for you.  

It might be putting you in animation form to walk your followers through your showroom.  Perhaps it's well constructed graphic design for Instagram.  Maybe it's well managed events on Facebook or cute little videos you can share with your customers and friends.  

Creating this kind of content can be really time consuming, not to mention all of the different software you need to learn to use.  Running a business already makes you time poor,  so leave the creative to us.  That's what we do here.

Lake Drone
Video production

Now we are not film makers with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment,  but we know that it's not too hard to create engaging video content at a price feasible for small business.

We are commercially licensed for shooting drone footage which is terrific for all kinds of businesses wishing to show a broader perspective.

We're also equipped with terrific technology in audio quality so shooting your video means we will actually be able to hear what you say with crystal clear clarity.

Then we do all of the post production and provide you with an end product that not only looks great,  but are the preferred specs of the channels you will be showing it on.

It's another of those services that you can set and forget because we can do it all.  

Website Development
Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

What's that?  You don't have a website? Any wonder your customers can't find you?  More and more people are using their phone books as doorstops and a way to start their wood heaters rather than their intended use.  


That's what Google is for!  If a customer is looking for a product or service that your sell and they Google it,  they won't find you if you're not listed.  We build great looking, optimised and responsive websites that will have customers finding you every day.

We use an easy to use third party platform so it can be kept up to date easily by your staff moving forward so there is no need to keep us on retainer.  This also means we are often much more cost effective than other web developers.

Not sure how to go about getting your brand in certain publications, or on television?  Want to run some display ads on affiliate websites or even just some Facebook advertising?

Our advice,  make sure it's planned with clear objectives and targets so you know exactly what your return on investment is.  We can do all of these for you.  


We plan, schedule and do the placement buying for you.

Clear Eyes New Media is a full service media & marketing company covering all places where you could possibly reach your audience.