• Jade Ficarra

The Next Step

A builder's home is always the last one to get tended too, and so it is with digital marketers, website builders and social media managers. Mine is always the last one to get tended too. I know I won't get angry phone calls or emails from myself asking why I can't see the link to the latest article on my website, or why there hasn't been a Facebook post for the last week.

However, it's a great example of how important it is to keep your content updated, fresh, interesting and of course, it has to be searchable, otherwise, business will soften.

In a blog I wrote a little while ago, I mentioned that when we first set up Clear Eyes New Media to help out small to medium size businesses with their social media marketing, digital presence and traditional marketing, we expected it to have a five year life span, and by then, everyone would know what they were doing, how to do it, or employ someone to do it full time.

Well that didn't happen. Here we are six years later and still going strong, although we are certainly seeing a trend to employing full time social media managers. Just have a look on Honesty, that's the way is should be, especially now that there is a formal qualification for it, which, I am in the process of completing of course. I will soon have a Diploma Of Social Media Marketing. I would never have thought that would even be a thing six years ago. I hung my hat on my traditional media marketing skills, and working in digital media at a global level in London. Not to mention seeing Facebook unfold in front of my eyes when I lived in Mountain View. Mind you, that was when the Googleplex was a third of the size it is now, and just down the street, the Facebook office was a small shop front in University Avenue, Palo Alto CA.

Over six years ago when Clear Eyes New Media was launched, many laughed at us. Many mocked us. Many told us I would never be able to make a living out of it. That it was a passing phase and social media and digital will never outdo the newspaper, radio or TV as a valid form of marketing and communication. I am thrilled to say, they were wrong. So very very wrong.

But what is the next step for us?

Where does a business go when the gap in they once filled nicely, isn't there anymore? It's happened plenty of times before. Look at poor old Kodak. They aren't selling much photo paper anymore.

Do we join forces with the larger agencies and fear our clients will lose that personal service?

Larger, full service agencies are finally starting to pop up which are now offering social media as an add on, which is great that is finally being recognised as a valid form of marketing and advertising. We've been saying that for over 6 years now, so do we join forces with them and guide them through what we've already learned?

Do we just hand it over to the individual businesses and send them on their way in the hope they can handle it themselves? Some would be perfectly capable. Some could afford social media managers, and some will be left emailing and calling us for the rest of their days.

Do we move onto something completely different, looking for the next big thing to come along and get to that first? This is possibly the most likely scenario, but I'm not ready to let go of my baby just yet.

I certainly don't have the answer to any of these questions, but it is something we should start thinking about, considering that the social media landscape changes so quickly. It's certainly a good case study for having a succession plan.

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