• Jade Ficarra

What you say can have a massive impact.

I don't just mean what you say on social media, because we know that can have a massive impact, and once you put it out there, it's there forever. For the judgement & scrutiny of every troll, every person forever & ever.

What I'm talking about is feedback. Good old fashioned feedback. As a business owner, you have to be ok with getting very honest feedback across social media whether you want it or not. That's just the way we have evolved in the digital age so we must deal with it, embrace the good and learn from the bad.

Every now and then as a business owner, as an employee, as a student, as a human being we question ourselves.

We question our purpose.

We second guess our choices.

We wonder if what we are doing is having an affect on the greater good.

Well, I do. Whether it's the moon, the weather, the sleep I'm getting or whether my anti d's are still doing their job properly, I occasionally have the thought that maybe it's all to no consequence at all and I should looking at another path.

Until I got some feedback. Until, someone says something to you which gets you right back on the path you were made for.

Clear Eyes New Media is coming up on five years in business, and hence, we are re-evaluating our business plan & structure for the next five years.

To be perfectly honest, we have to because when we launched in 2011 we figured this type of digital management would be obsolete by now. I honestly thought that by 2016 businesses would be armed with the knowledge and/or resources to manage their social media and digital communications internally.

I don't mind admitting when I am wrong. If anything, CENM is busier than ever. The one thing that hasn't changed is the amount of hours in a single day. The amount of days in the week, and how little time that leaves small business owners to spend on their business.

I was talking to a gentleman this morning who is very experienced in several industries and he said to me, "Jade you know that old saying that we should work ON our business and not IN our business, it's a load of rubbish in the country. We simply don't have the resources to be able to do that."

He's absolutely right. The one thing that doesn't change in the ever changing digital landscape is time.

How much time there is for businesses to manage it internally. Sure you can go to seminars, conferences, workshops, engage every consultant that advertises on Facebook to learn all about it, but who's going to implement it?

You see where I'm going with this, and hence, we are still here and still very strong at this point, so we need to re-evaluate and reset for the future.

However, when you start really evaluating things, and really scrutinising yourself, your business, your contribution, you wouldn't be human if you didn't question it all.

Is it secure? Is it what I should be doing? Would our clients even miss us if we weren't here?

Well, the universe has a way of answering you if you know how to listen. When it speaks, oh I will listen and the universe answered that question for me this morning.

I was sitting in my office working on a project and feeling a little flat and unsure about the future when I got a visit from a client who gave me the answers I needed, at least for the next 12 months.

She popped her head in just to tell me that she was on their website last night and how good it looks, how good I am with the written word.

She added that she thought I represented their brand so well she just wanted to say thank you. I was floored.

Pride has made my chest puff out and I have had a smile on my face all day, because in those couple of sentences, I have been reminded of why I do what I do in the first place.

Because regional businesses and brands deserve the same services as their metro cousins at regional prices and with personal client relationships. Not relationships with a voice on the phone from an office in Sydney or the Phillipines.

This is a perfect example of how feedback can really affect you, and it should. If it were feedback of a negative capacity you learn from that, adjust the issues and come out with a better product.

But on a personal level, if you were to make negative comments to someone, just a throw away couple of lines like I received this morning, that is enough to bring someone's world crashing down around them.

Feedback is great, it's necessary. But be kind. Be constructive. Whether it's on a business level or a personal level you are respected by someone, even if you don't know it, and your words can either puff someone's chest up with pride, or bring them crashing down to earth with the biggest of thuds that they may never recover.

Granted, I'm now confident that our clients would miss us and so we shall keep the restructuring to a minimum for the time being.

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