Outstanding clarity in customer communication 

Here at Clear Eyes New Media,  we understand that your customers live differently in the 21st century.  

They communicate differently.  

They shop differently.

They consume differently.  

We're here to help your business communicate with them.

Responsive Website


If your business doesn't have a website, why not?

If your business website isn't regularly updated with relevant information, let us ask again,  why not?


A search engine optimised, and mobile responsive website that is easy for the customer to use is essential. Absolutely essential.  

We build easy to use and manage websites for business, non-profits, clubs, organisations and brands that are indexed on Google, easy to find and easy to manage internally moving forward.

Digital social media


This is how your customers find out about the best products and services.  They ask their friends,  they read reviews, blogs and ratings.  This is also how you establish the tone of your brand or business. Social media will ultimately help your businesses ability to be found when your customers need your product or service.


Social media is absolutely essential for your business marketing strategy, but attempting to do it adhoc won't be as beneficial as having a well constructed and executed strategy and plan.  That's what we do.  Construct the strategy,  the plan, and execute it all for you.

Radio Interview


We're a company who like to be at the forefront of communication. We're always looking for the most effective way for businesses & brands to communicate with their audience.  Podcast's are one of the fastest growing means of doing this.  If you have ever thought about producing your own podcast but don't know where to start.  You can start right here.

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Responsive Website


Need a quirky short video for your social media channels?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cute little animation to go on your Instagram story?

Do you love creativity in social media and digital content but don't have the time to learn how to get great sound with a great looking video,  or learn how to use animation or graphic design software?  We do all of that here,  and it's not anywhere near as expensive as you think.